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When The Universe Talks, Listen

Posted on: August 3, 2009

I have mentioned in this blog before that a good friend has a habit of telling me: “The Universe is conspiring to tell you something.” He is so right. The key is to pay attention and really listen to what is being said. It is not always coincidence that things happen – there is a reason.

Today I am going to mention a couple of things that I think the universe is trying to tell me – and that I have been really listening to. I am keeping my heart and soul wide open these days.

Sometimes people come into your life for a reason. There is a reason why we meet and connect with particular people. I have had this experience many times, but just haven’t truly understood it until I really started paying attention. There are people in my  life right now who are impacting me in such a special way. J is in my life to to help me continue discovering the insights and connections I need to move past some of the painful stuff that has got stuck. Then there is the other J who is helping me through a very tough patch and reminding me that my stuttering is trying to teach me something new about who I am. I have a lot of J’s in my life!

 A very special J came into my life 3 years ago,when I was ready to face some of my demons. She helped me find my voice, and showed me unconditional love. Our time together was brief, as the universe determined that she would do more good in God’s hands. She told me  beautiful stories about loving and sharing yourself and letting others in. I taught her about stuttering and its parallels to our lives. Her death reminded me of how precious life is, and that people indeed do come into our lives for a reason.

The universe has also conspired to bring me and A together right now. We are exploring and sharing and learning and connecting. And it is not by coincidence. Sometimes you find just the right person who feels what you feel, understands what feeds your soul and says what you are going to say before you say it. Whe that happens,don’t deny it. Go with it, enjoy it, feel the wonder and the beauty, let it envelop and grace you with warmth.

The universe has also been telling me that it is time to tell all – to no longer keep my feelings buried. I have always wanted to teach, and had a wise person just recently remind me that we do not need to be in a formal classroom to teach. We can teach by sharing our real selves, being honest and exploring that which makes us human. At one time, I thought I couldn’t be a teacher because of my stuttering, so I purposely chose not to teach  Now my stuttering seems to be front and center and I am teaching. The world is a mosaic that needs to be painted with all of our life experiences. We can’t keep some of them hidden, for everything is needed for the rich and joyful lives we want. And that I want.

Each of us has the power to illuminate. That is what I am learning. The universe is giving me feedback and telling me to receive it warmly and let it in. We can all make the world a better place, one person at a time, by listening and sharing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my stuttering could make a difference. But it is. Stuttering is a teacher, a listener, a peacemaker, a communicator, a mover and a shaker. Stuttering is a Power that my universe is saying, Listen, don’t deny, you cannot deny Me any longer. Stuttering is spiritual.

What about you? What powerful message is the Universe giving you right now? Are you ready to receive it?

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