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Posted on: June 30, 2009

Short and sweet today, but exciting. My sister agreed to record a quick clip of us talking about stuttering, something I have never openly done with a sibling. I took a risk and asked her if she would be willing to do this, and she said yes! It’s really cool!

So she came over, and we recorded a little bit using my very cheap microphone and my audacity software. If I must say so myself, I think the quality of the recording came out pretty good. But more important is the quality and content of the conversation we had. My sister rocks! I am really glad to be able to share this with you. I am happy and grateful that at least one person in my family feels OK talking about stuttering with me!

Be sure to let me know what you think!

Kimberly and Pam Talk Stuttering

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8 Responses to "Sister Talk"

Hei vennen!
I like your sister! She seems cool! I’m glad you can talk and that she’s supportive =)

Hey Pam,

I think it’s really cool that your sister is willing to talk to you about this important topic. I think I might have mentioned I have a brother a sister and a twin sister and they don’t stutter, so it would be nice to talk to them someday 🙂

This was a big deal to me. Really didn’t think my sister would feel comfortable doing this, so it was really special.
No one else in my family can talk with me about it – its way too uncomfortable, so to have at least one person really matters.

“loved the sisterly chat and support”

Pam This is so cool! I cant wait to talk about it on Monday! I love your sisters comment “so what everybody is a little different somehow big deal!”

This was really beautiful, Pam. Kim is very real, and that is so important! I got very emotional listening to this. Why did you have to go through so much pain, “hiding” the stuttering most of your life? Probably so that you could appreciate yourself much more now for who you are. And you can now see who is a real human being.

I think people in general are uncomfortable with anything that is not “normal”. It’s just that some people can hide their “abnormality”, and some can’t. But as Kim said, “Everyone is different in some way”. We were created in that way to bring out the best in others, I believe.

Some time, I’ll tell you an interesting story about my husband, being “covert”. It’s very similar to yours.

Give Kim a big hug for me!


I came across your blog while doing some searching around the net for info about sisters for a book I am writing. I found this chat with your sister which I found warm and so typical of a good sister.
I have to say here that stuttering is something I have never thought about much… frankly I can’t clearly remember a time I have come across a person stuttering in my adult life. Reading some of the info on your blog makes me think I must have met stutterers who were hiding it.
I am epileptic, much easier to hide, though I try not to hide it.
Your blog is frankly the one of the first I have come across, including ones by epileptics, that i have found so interesting and inspiring. (I think I know too much about epilepsy already) 😉
Thank you for all you have put into this blog. A sister is really a wonderful thing to have, isn’t she?

hi, loved your sisters thoughts ,she realy seems to get it .
just want to let you know ,that because of this post its encouraged me to chat to my sister about my own speech ,she also said that she noticed on occasions as like you was/am mostly covert,but wasn’t to big a deal to her ,but obviously it was important to me so she’s willing to understand everything i’m experiencing …..
so thanks once again pam you are a star !
lisa xx

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