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200th Post! You Just Do!

Posted on: December 17, 2009

I can hardly believe I have written 200 posts about stuttering, and have over 16,000 comments in less than a year. Seems like just yesterday I started writing.  Writing and sharing  about my stuttering journey.  I am not traveling alone! That is a good feeling and makes such a difference in my life.

I talked with Ramma last night, and he asked if I ever need a break from the stuttering community. He said that he used to read about stuttering all of the time at a different point in his life. It was the first thing he read when he woke up in the morning and last thing he read before going to bed. He was voracious about it. He was constantly searching for new information, updated research and an answer about a cure.

He shared that he soon stopped checking all the stuttering sites so much, as they were all saying the same things, and maybe he needed a break. I submitted to him that maybe he didn’t need a break, that maybe he had reached a point of acceptance that he no longer felt the need to “search”. For news, for fluency, for a cure.

Ramma paused for a long moment and said, “You know, that’s a good point. You just put acceptance in a different perspective for me.”  Of course, I asked what he meant by that. And he said, “well, I guess  you can look at acceptance as when you are no longer making a conscious decision to accept your stuttering. You just do.”

You just do. Those three words said a lot. We talked about it. I told Ramma I stay involved with the stuttering community because I like being able to give back, to contribute, to maybe help someone else from what I have been through. I don’t consciously think too often about needing to accept my stuttering any more either. I seem to just do it. By talking about it, by stuttering openly,by sharing my feelings – even on bad speech days – that shows acceptance.

It is like the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”. Our actions speak volumes about us – who we are and what is important to us.

I just want to say to all of you that stutter or care about people who stutter: thanks for being here with me on this journey. Knowing that what we have to say is important, is, well, important. We are community and we grow and share together.

Let me know what you think about acceptance being just something we do, instead of something we consciously think about it.

6 Responses to "200th Post! You Just Do!"

Hi Pam
I think at first we think about acceptance ALL the time. I think the reason for that is because we are still trying to convince ourselves that accepting is a good thing. Once we realiaze that it is and REALLY accept the fact that we stutter then we tend to think less of it. I also think that accepting does take a long time. Especially for those of us who are older and started on that accepting road later in life. Lots of negative to get rid of.

Keep writing Pam I really enjoy reading all of your post. I have use a few in chapter meetings and will use more in in 2010

Glad that you use them for chapter meetings, Glo. That makes me feel really proud!

Congrats Pam even through I many not comment on all of your post, I read each and every one of them. There very helpful continue the great work.

Congratulations! Keep going! What you are doing is great for all of us.

Keep it up Pam. Your endurance is impressive.

Congrats on post nr 200! Well done 😉
I think of acceptance as a process. Something you have as a long term goal. It’s usually not something you wake up one day and say you have, but that creeps up on you as time goes by and you think back on how you felt 2 months ago, or 2 years ago. And you realize that it’s not one specific thing you did to get where you are, but it’s everything you do, every day.

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