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The Shack

Posted on: November 2, 2009

This entry has nothing to do with stuttering but everything to do with life. It’s about how precious life is and how one can find meaning and beauty everywhere, even when we are not looking and our eyes are closed.  Today I want to share about a powerful book and encourage you to read it. It is about how one man is transformed by an unlikely encounter with God (whoever that means to you), after a very traumatic life event.  As my post title tells us, the book is The Shack by Wm Paul Young.

I am not a deeply religious person, but I believe that spirituality is connected to how we live our life and the people who we meet. I signed up for a workshop to be held next week. The workshop is on exploring friendships, and mentioned that this book would be the springboard for the discussion. I had not heard of  The Shack, so I  looked it up on-line and was intrigued. I started reading it last night and was immediately pulled in.

If you at all question why certain things happen or why we sometimes have to endure very painful situations, this book provides answers. It also provides ample opportunity to think, reflect, look into your own heart and soul, and put voice to the questions you may have deeply hidden.

One of the most stunning aspects of this story to me is how God is revealed to the main character, Mack. It is done in a surprising way, that “mixes metaphors and keeps Mack (and you, the reader) from falling so easily back into our religious conditioning”. The author removes stereotypes so that we are free to  consider possibilities and explore the relationships we have, and want to have.

I have not finished reading yet, as I am savoring every word. It is a work of fiction, but clearly an important one that needs to be shared. The “after words” section of the book asks readers to pass this along. One of the suggestions was to post information about this incredible story on our blog or web sites. It is also suggested that we could write a review of the book, but then we risk spoiling it for first-time readers. So, I am sharing this with you in the hopes that you will be curious enough to find and read The Shack.

We all have questions about who we are and why we are, and about the context of our relationships. Right? Lately, I have been forced to look deep inside more and more.  That is OK. I am learning. We all can. It is never too late.

4 Responses to "The Shack"

why is commonsense so uncommon in this world?

because this book needs to be read with commonsense and not with skepticism.

THE SHACK is one of those rare books which deserves to be read in its entirety, in one go !!!
because if one takes a break , or pauses in between , it defeats the whole purpose . just like a musical note should be heard . one break and it becomes noise.
i read this book in one and a half hours flat…. never occured to me when it got over ……
Godspeed . . . . .

Dear Anon,

“just like a musical note should be heard . one break and it becomes noise.”

Wow! Excellent choice of words! Hope some Directors could use this in their scripts.. 😉

Dear Ridwan,
Incidentally , these words were used to describe the beauty of Motzart’s compositions !!!
One of the greatest music Director ever known to human kind !!!

You wrote: “just like a musical note should be heard . one break and it becomes noise”

Beautiful expression! Thanks for sharing!

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