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Life Changes Impact Stuttering

Posted on: October 19, 2009

As many of you know, I have had a major transition in my life. With that comes change. Change is often scary and overwhelming, and many people resist change, even when we know it will be better for us.

It took me a long time to find the courage and confidence to make a needed change in my life. I feel in my heart that I did the right thing, even though I am very much experiencing varied emotions. But this is how change works. It takes us for a ride, and has us up and down for a while, until things level out.

All of this change has had an impact on my stuttering. I have noticed more repetitions and stoppages. I have definitely been more tired, stressed and emotional lately, which I know increases my rate of speech, which means more stuttering. I am sure we all can relate to this.

I did a quick video update to share with you, because, well, I was in the mood to and I think I can explain what has been going on maybe a little better verbally than in writing this time.

What do you think? Does stress and change increase your stuttering moments? Or do you think, like Danny ( mentioned, that it’s just “mercury being in retrograde” that spells more stuttering moments? Please share your thoughts.

7 Responses to "Life Changes Impact Stuttering"

Pam, I am always amazed at how articulately you express what you are experiencing and how calmly you do it. Your writing is beautiful and like I said, you are so calm in your videos even as you are sharing challenges, pain, struggles.

Most definitely stress affects my stuttering. And if I’m not relating well to my stuttering, then I have a whole other exacerbated problem on my hands in terms of my attitude. It seems you are handling your stuttering well and I mean in terms of your attitude even as you experience more stuttering as you go through the stress of change.

When we take on big change and we go all the way through it, we get stronger. Perhaps especially when we choose the change because we need it and are willing to take the risk…and take responsibility for the path set in motion by the decision…we will continue to make decisions, embark on change, and grow and respond to each one.

Sharing as you go through change might be the best thing you do for yourself.


Great way with words yet again Pam .
Stress cetainly does affect my stuttering level ,its why i chose to stop hiding, avoiding and become open and accepting with my speech.Not sure about the ‘mercury’ idea as yet …..
Reading your thoughts and watching your videos helps me to do this as well .
thanks Pam


As always, it was interesting to view your video. I’m very glad to hear that you’re doing OK.

I’d just like to comment that I have great admiration for the courage and determination which you’ve shown in positively embracing change in your life – both recently and over the past couple of years. Change isn’t easy to negotiate, especially when strong emotions are involved.

I suppose that it’s inevitable for all of us who stutter that our speech patterns will reflect the emotional and physical stresses we are under. The important thing is probably not to obsess too much about our speech in such circumstances, however frustrating it might be to encounter greater disfluency.

I personally think that your style of speech is extremely easy to listen to. Your blocks and repetitions are short and you articulate your words very well. In fact, the main reason I’m writing this is to let you know that I still think your stutter is attractive!!!

Awww, Richard, now that totally makes my day! Thanks for reading, listening and leaving a comment. I appreciate that.
It has been trying, but I know it is right. I have to just remind myself to be gentle and not get too frustrated with the added repititions and blocks.

Again, you really made my day, Richard! Thanks!

Great Job Pam…!

Even through change Pam you are very open and honest about your stuttering and that must be so much better than avoiding and changing words around but I don’t think you are a covert stammerer anyway?

Just to echo what Richard said above your determination and courage is very admirable at this difficult period in your life of change.

I can only tell you what the McGuire Programme teaches us is to go down a level or two in whatever techniques you are using. IN the McGuire Programme, we have what is called the Stairway to eloquence and when our hexagon is affected we go back down a level and use exaggerated breathing and keep to three or four words per breath to control the stutter and it works.

If you want more detailed explanation about this, I ll quite happily share it with you , if not no problem. I have never heard you criticise the McGuire programme publicly, I know it has its bad press too and some people call it a ‘cult’ which is so funny because if it was, there is no way I would be in it.. !!

In fact I might even make a video for you describing the techniques of the stairway to eloquence 🙂 xx

Sheila, thanks for the feedback. Of course, I have never criticized the McGuire program. I don’t know enough about it. I did read the the stuff you sent me a while back, and I would be delighted to have you make a video so I can hear you explain the stairway.

I am not really using any techniques, so maybe thats what you hear in the video, stuttering with no applied techniques.

I love to hear about different things that work for different people. One time you did a video response to me on Facebook, and it was delightful hearing your speak. You sound wonderful. Thanks again so much!

Wow, It’s really inspiring, Pam!!!

Changes do affect my stutter. Minor or Major, It doesn’t matter! I think, it gives me an opportunity to learn from the change and my stuttering experiences.


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