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Optimum Stuttering – Male Episode 3

Posted on: October 12, 2011

Producer note: This is the third episode in the very occasional series I do with men who stutter.

As you can see, my graphic designer and friend  (Daniele Rossi)provided me with a new logo. I changed the name slightly to include the word “stutter” in the title so listeners can more easily find these special episodes.

So please look periodically here on the blog for these great conversations. They will also be downloadable on iTunes.

This 3rd episode features Vivek Singh, who hails from Pune, India. Vivek is 29 years old and very active in the self-help stuttering community in India. He is a computer engineer, and leads a weekly self-help group in his workplace that is supported by his corporation. I believe this is the first I have heard of this!

Vivek is a man of many interests. He enjoys reading books that help him explore the meaning of life with a scientific basis. He also enjoys inspirational reading, and all things physics.

Listen in as we discuss how Vivek became so immersed in the self-help movement and what continues to drive him. We also discuss his mastery of concealing his stuttering, acceptance, temporary fluency, first impressions, therapy and so much more.

To learn more about Vivek, please see his 2011 ISAD paper My Journey As A Stammerer.

Please feel free to leave comments for Vivek and me too. Feedback is so important. Music used in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

16 Responses to "Optimum Stuttering – Male Episode 3"

Wow! this is my stuttering best. But i’m glad that we had such a great conversation. Touched most of the aspects of our life there. Thanks for having me on your show Pam!!

Pam – love this episode and hoping to see more men featured in the future! However I don’t seem to get this in iTunes. Is it part of the same Make Room for the Stuttering podcast?

Hi Krishna,
Thanks for the feedback! Look forward to you guesting soon. I may have to change the feed since I changed the title of the podcast. I was having trouble getting it to show up in iTunes under HIStories, as well.
Thanks for the alert. I will try to fix that.
Vivek was great, wasn’t he?

Vivek you certainly were at your best, as always :-). Pam you are a wonderful and thoughtful interviewer to bringout so many aspects in under one hour!! And btw where are these girls who find a man with s-s-stutter to be “cute” ? 😉

Ha! American women often find men with “vulnerabilities” to be “cute”. That is, if they are courageous enough to let the “vulnerable” part show. Stuttering of course makes us vulnerable every time we open our mouth. I think anyone who is open enough to let both their “inside” and “outside” show to the world, is hugely attractive. That’s why they say beauty is only skin-deep (here in America anyway). It’s what on the inside, that which we think makes us imperfect, that actually makes us beautiful.
It’s just that most of us are afraid to do that.
I will never forget when a person I did not know well at the time (and now we are very good friends) told me he thought my stuttering was “attractive.” It blew me away at first, and then I was so grateful.

Wow- Vivek, nice to hear you and Pam!
That’s the way to go..
Keep it up..

Thanks a million Sachin Sir 🙂

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but don’t you have a Youtube channel Vivek? I think its RockRebel?

In the podcast you mentioned that TISA is rather active and has group meetings and conducts other activities. A few days back I was looking into the TISA and on contacting Romy (Mumbai SHG) I got the impression from him that there aren’t any group meetings held at all. I’m fairly new to the online community and I’m definitely looking forward to being a part of the local or national association. Although he did speak very highly of Mr. Sachin.

I would really appreciate the chance of exchanging dialogue with you about the same.

Overall, this was a great episode!

I’m glad that you liked the episode, Thanks Deveyan!!
Yes, that’s right, I do have a Youtube user channel (The one you mentioned) – .
Like all the self help movements, TISA is also facing problems with the attendance in the weekly meetings. Most of the people aren’t motivated enough to come for the group meeting every week even though its offered for free. Due to this and lack of volunteers who would take up the challenge of starting a SHG, TISA is facing problems in few of the places in the country. But i can give you the contact details of few of the members from TISA who could help you out. My email id is, you can get in touch with me here. My skype id is Vivek.Singh98.

Best Regards,

My name is Devayan, not Deveyan.

I’m very excited at the prospect of meeting other like minded people who stammer within my city or state. You should expect an email from me very soon!

Wow, Pam. I don’t know how you do this but you are good. Loved this episode with Vivek. Ruth Mead

Superb… this is very motivational… Thanks Pam for conducting this interview and as always Vivek, u rock :)… We can play this podcast in our cmpny SHG meet too..What say???

Thanks Rahil!! Yes, what we can do is we can send this link to our Company’s SHG DL and people who’re interested, can check it out. I can’t force them to listen to me for an hour against their will during our regular meets, can i ? 😀

Thanks Pam and Vivek for this podcast..Vivek you were awesome during the conversation

You guys are inspiration for us stutters..

Thanks Kishore. You’re an inspiration yourself…

Very well put Vivek! I admire the courage you displayed; admitting you fell into substance abuse in an effort to relieve your stuttering. I think a lot of stutterers have been down that road, and it helps immensely to hear others come forth truthfully about where their journey with stuttering has taken them. Its easy to feel guilty and ashamed if you’ve dealt with this. I can foresee such a confession sparking a positive chain reaction without our demo, allowing many of us to come to terms with who we are.

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