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From Covert to Overt to Acceptance

Posted on: October 26, 2009

Some of you may recall that good friend Lisa was recently a guest blogger here. She shared her story of her covert stuttering secret and how it impacted her life. As we all know, keeping our stuttering hidden takes an enormous amount of energy. We very often pay a huge emotional price as well for lugging around this big heavy secret.

Lisa has shared that bit by bit, she has been taking risks and being more open with her stuttering. And she has realized that she feels lighter when she is stuttering openly and just being herself. Well, she wrote to me last week and shared a wonderful story with me. It was so special, and caught at my heart right away. I felt so proud of Lisa, and asked her if we could share this chapter here on the Blog. Lisa was more than willing – she too thought it would be special to share this story of pride and triumph.

Here is what Lisa shared about a conversation she had with her sister.

Hi Pam, this is my sister’s response after reading the same ‘my feelings about my speech’ that I shared with you . . . . I told her everything(about my stuttering) last night and then explained all about you and what I wrote to you and she asked to read it . . . . I sobbed my eyes out, hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you . . . . .

Lisa’s sister, Leanne Robison October 19, 11:16pm, shares:

I read my sister’s speech that explained her feelings about her stuttering. . . . . I will admit I have only just found out the extent to which this secret has been going on. . . . after reading and talking to her,  I am soooo proud to call Lisa my sister. I have always looked up to my big sister. She has been my rock many times in my life. . . .  I have always gone to her with my problems and woes. She is my big sister and I would never ask about her issues or worries, but now I am a grown woman and  I am here for her. . . .  She has great courage and strength and for all that she has been through in her life this is just a blip!!  It doesn’t change her personality or ability to make people feel better. It doesn’t change the fact that she is a wonderful mother, friend, sister, auntie and daughter.  She is a fighter and healer. Lisa is my sister and MY inspiration. I AM PROUD OF HER. The mis-wording doesn’t change her. She will always be the person that tells me off, the person that I look up to. She will always be my sister and I love her more than I can tell her. I just hope she understands this. . . . . Lisa just be yourself…… you are unique, don’t try and change or hide this anymore.

This brought tears to my eyes when I read it the first several times. It was so beautiful and inspiring and shows how much courage and character Lisa has. I am proud to know her. She is doing wonderful things, and it is wonderful that she wanted to share. Lisa is making room for the stuttering in her life.

Lisa took another big step recently too. She is heard telling some of her story on how it felt to stutter on her name, on Danny’s wonderful podcast, “Stuttering Is Cool”. There are some other familiar voices here as well, but Lisa particularly shares her heart with us. Listen here!

Please be sure to leave a comment here, and share your thoughts with her. I have a feeling that stuttering is not going to make decisions for Lisa anymore. You Go Girl!

7 Responses to "From Covert to Overt to Acceptance"

That’s my girl!! I was so proud of you when you told me about this Lisa, and my admiration for you just keeps growing! I am so happy for all of you that Leanne reacted the way she did! I truly hope you guys can talk for real now, more than ever, and that this brings you closer than you’ve ever been. xxxxxx

Wow Lisa. Really proud of you that you could be so brave and open about your stuttering. You managed to hide it from me for a long time. Well done Lisa, be yourself, you are great!

Hi Pam & Lisa,

I had listened to the podcast. When Lisa finished her story, I didn’t know how to react to that. I had a lotta mixed reactions going on. But, looking at the steps taken by Lisa till this very day is absolutely amazing!!! 🙂

Yep, Lisa is amazing. Huge steps in a short time. She makes us all proud and feel good. Lisa shows us how very human we are as we try to make room for stuttering.

And your pretty amazing yourself, Ridwan! 🙂

//And your pretty amazing yourself, Ridwan! //

*Blushing* LOL 😀 😀

Thanks 🙂

Wow .i’m welling up reading all your comments ,i feel honoured that i have friends like you that care.
thanks everyone

We see our reflection of self through our true friends! We gravitate toward people that we see parts of ourselves in, right?

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