Make Room For The Stuttering

Media Coverage

Discussing Stuttering on WAMC’s The Round Table May 9, 2007

Read my 2008 ISAD paper on my journey out of the covert closet!

Dressing Up or Dressing Down – Article about Covert Stuttering Albany NY Times Union July 26, 2009

Read my 2009 ISAD paper on things I learned in therapy!

WAMC Radio with Joe in Studio A for National Stuttering Awareness Week May 11, 2010

Have mercy on kids who stutter, Times Union Albany NY October 21, 2010

Read my 2010 ISAD Paper co-written with Christine from London

Read the 2010 ISAD panel presentation about the Women Who Stutter podcast!

Read the 2010 ISAD paper on Friends Support for kids co-written with Lee Caggiano!

The Kings Speech and Stuttering Times Union Albany, NY January 1, 2011

Today’s Women Feature on News Channel 13 Albany NY February 10, 2011

The Troy Record (newspaper -0nline) covers our workshop on Stuttering February 17, 2011

Careers – How Stuttering impacts the workplace – MSNBC article February 21, 2011

Pam to speak on Hidden Journey of Stuttering at UW at Milwaukee on March 4, 2011

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article – mentions me and this blog (March 15, 2011)

Jefferson Award Medal for Public Service April 4, 2011

Read my 2011 ISAD paper about Toastmasters and Stuttering

Letter to the Editor – Albany NY Times Union 11/11/11

Response to my letter to the editor – Albany NY Times Union 11/23/11

Success and Stuttering – Parentology TV Show – Albany NY 01/15/12

Read my 2013 ISAD paper about What Women Who Stutter Want To Talk About

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